History of Vikramditya’s Singhasan Battisi

Singhasan Battisi or Vikramaditya Tila is a major religious place in Ujjain. This is the temple of King Vikramaditya. His small temple is built here. You must have seen the TV shows of Vikram Betal and Singhasan Battisi in television. You get a lot of information here about the same great, intelligent, bright, kind, Maharaja Vikramaditya. Sinhasan Battisi is built in the middle of a big pond. Here in the middle of the pond one gets to see a huge statue of Vikramaditya. Apart from the statue of Maharaja Vikramaditya, the Navratnas of his court were also found here. Taking whose advice King Vikramaditya used to take any decision. This place looks very beautiful and this place has been made very beautifully by the Municipal Corporation. The throne is located near the Battisi Mahakal temple.

Whenever you go to visit Mahakal temple, you must visit Maharaja Vikramaditya ji in this place. Many stories of Maharaja Vikramaditya have been written here. You should read that story.
We had also gone to visit King Vikramaditya’s mound during the trip to Ujjain. Vikramaditya Tila is located near the Mahakal temple and from where one can enter and exit the temple. A little further from there, one gets to see Vikramaditya Tila. But we did not know. So after visiting other temples, we came to visit Vikramaditya Tila.

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Sihasan Battisi or Vikramaditya’s mound is built in a big pond. It is built in the middle of the pond and there is a bridge to go to Vikramaditya’s mound. This is a huge pond. This pond is known as Rudra Sagar pond.
This statue of Maharaja Vikramaditya is 30 feet high. After seeing the idol of King Vikramaditya, we came down. Here below is made of 32 mannequins and here you get 32 ​​stories to read. In these stories, information is found about the charity and intelligence of King Vikramaditya.