Mahakaleshwar Ujjain

Out of the three sacredly worshipped Shivlingas of universe God Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain has the greatest importance. AakasheTarakalingum, Palate Haatkeshrum | MritulokeMahakalam , SarvalingumNamostute || The Meaning is Tarakalinga is above the earth, haatkeshwarlinga beneath the earth and Mahakal on the earth. The greatness of Mahakal is all pervasive. Mahakaal is the originator of the whole universal. Our everlasting faith in god and religion has major cause in believing Mahakal as the Supreme god on the earth.

Mahakal himself is the propagator of the kaal (Time). Kaalchakrapravartakomahakalhpratapanh | VarahPuran gives the answer of the question of where situates Mahakal on the earth, as Mahakal resides on the centre point (Nabhi) of the earth which is Ujjain. Shree Mahakaleshwar is honour for Ujjain, the glory of Mahakal is Divining. As per ShivPuranMahakal is famous among 12 Jyotriling because he himself is Kaal of Kaal

Jyotirling – SourashtreSomnathamch Shree ShelleMallikaarjunam | UjjainiyaMahakalmokarmamleshwaram || ParalyaBaijnathamchDakinyaBheemshankaram | SetubandheturameshamNageshamDaarukavane ||VaaranasyamtuVisveshamTriyambakmGoumati Tate | HimaalayetuKedaramGhushmeshamchShivalaye || EtaniJyotirlinganiSayanPratahPathennar | SaptJanmKrutamPapamSmarnenVinashyati |

These 12 jyotirlings are situated in all directions of India as Kedarnath is in North, Rameshwaram is in South, Somanath is in West, Mallikarjun in East and Mahakaal is Situates in the center of India. The rest Jyotirlings are also situated in important directions with specific angles. Mahakaal and Astrology Jyotirlings is not only a symbol of knowledge and light but also of astrological calculations. The center of this calculation is Mahakal. There are 12 Jyotirlings, 12 Sun(Aditya), 12 months, 12 planets and 12th hours in kundali and all these are 12th hours of the kundali of India. Therefore these are sacred and worshiped for time immemorial and these 12 give equal results as those of the 12 hours of kundali. The resolution of the problems associated with the agents of the 12 kundali hours can be obtained by worshiping jyotirlings placed in 12 different places. 

The line of cancer (Kark) passes from Ujjain and in the form of whose center the temple of Karkrayeshwar is situated in Ujjain. Geographical Condition the World famous Mahakaleshwar Temple is 2 Km away from the Ujjain Railway station and is spread over a large area on the banks of river Kshipra. This is the only Jyotirling that has south facing. In the Garbhgriha of the Temple there are silver statues of ShriGanesha, ShriKartkeya and Parvati. On the inner wall of roof there is a RudraYantra which made up of 100 Kg Silver and just under this situates the Jyotirling. The statue of Nandi is at the front of the Garbhgriha gate. The bhasmarti takes place every day at 4 am only in this temple. On every Monday during the Shravan, Mahakaleshwar the ruler of Ujjain takes a round of the city.

The present Temple was built in the Maratha time but the nearly pond was built during the Parmar Time. History of the Temple Avanti Khand of the SkandPuran says that Mahakalhsarichhipragatishevsunirmala , ujjainiyaavishalaakshimvasaahkasya n rochte|| Snaanamkrutvanaroyastumahanadhyanam he durlabham | Mahakaalamnamskrutmnaromratyum n shochayet || Means who will not like the place where there is Mahakaleshwar, there is clean water of Kshipra. One does not fear from death on having MahakaalDarshan after taking bath in Shipra.

How to Reach the Temple

The Mahakaleshwar temple is located in Ujjain, in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. The place is
well-connected to major cities via rail, road and air.

Reach By Air

Indore is the nearest closest airport which is 51 km from the Mahakaleshwar temple. After reaching the airport, visitors can take any local transport to reach the temple.

Reach By Train

There are four railway stations which are nearest to the Mahakaleshwar temple. These stations are: Ujjain Junction, Vikram Nagar, Chintaman and Pingleshwar. All these stations are well-connected to the major cities of the country. After reaching the railway station, tourists can take any local transport to reach the temple.

Reach By Road

Buses are the best mode of transport when planning to visit via road. There are a number of buses which commute to this destination from major cities. Some important distances of the Mahakaleshwar temple from major cities are:

From Bhopal
188 KM

From Delhi
776 KM

From Bangalore
1370 KM

From Mumbai
648 KM

From Pune
665 KM