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Mahakal Lok

The Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga temple in the Madhya Pradesh city of Ujjain is well-known. The newly opned Mahakal Lok Corridor will be used by the throngs of Shiva devotees who enter the site throughout the year rather than having to navigate a crowded area.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the first phase of the ₹ 856 crore Mahakaleshwar Temple corridor development project on 11 Oct 2022, in an effort to restore the splendour of the mediaeval city of Ujjain. When the project is finished, it will rank among the nation’s largest corridors.

Know all About the Ujjain Mahakal Lok

The Mahakal Lok Corridor has a length of more than 900 metres. The Nandi Dwar and the Pinaki Dwar are two imposing entrances. There are 108 elaborate sandstone columns in a row, each with an etched “mudra” of Lord Shiva and the “Trishul” design on top. The former Rudrasagar lake, which is also a component of the construction project, surrounds the corridor.
You will find 192 sculptures, 53 paintings, and 108 stambhs that depict stories about Shiva from the scriptures as soon as you enter the passageway.
It is rumoured that Rajasthan provided the sandstone for the corridor. To build the beautiful displays, artisans from Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Odisha worked together.
The corridor complex’s amenities include a parking lot, a park and children’s play area, the Triveni Museum, an open-air theatre with a view of the Rudrasagar Lake, restaurants, and stores, among other things.